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We focus on serving our fellow founders and business owners in the middle market in more than 200 industries.
Our clients' businesses typically fall into one or more of these buckets:

$10M - $250M
Annual Revenue

Each business and industry is different but our M&A experts are most successful selling profitable companies with revenue between $10M - $250M.

$2M - $25M

With most businesses, profitability or EBITDA in addition to a rising growth rate are key to attracting multiple offers to drive up the purchase price.

$1M - $100M
Annual Recurring Revenue

Some of the most incredible exits that we've seen are on the sale of SaaS or subscription businesses with low churn and rising recurring revenue.

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Our Clients Sell Faster and For More Money

Our clients recommend us to their friends because we help sell companies faster and for more money ... and the proof is in the data.

By leveraging our global network of industry specialized, M&A experts, we create the best teams of M&A experts for each of our clients to create optimal outcomes.

The right team of industry specialized, M&A experts will know your buyer pool better than anyone. This means your M&A team can create the right amount of buyer competition to help you maximize your exit.TM

Why Exit Wise?

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M&A Industry Specialists vs. Industry Generalists

Would you trust your family doctor to perform your brain surgery?

NO WAY! You’d hire the best neurosurgeon you can find.

Selling your business should be just as specialized.

Exitwise has interviewed and rated hundreds of industry specialized, investment bankers, M&A attorneys and tax accountants by average transaction size, success rate and exit value to help you hire the right M&A experts, to help maximize your exit.TM

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The Right M&A Expert Already Knows Your Buyer

The best M&A expert to sell your business, specializes in selling businesses, of your size and in your industry.

These experts have sold companies just like yours and likely know many of your potential buyers personally. Because of these relationships, the right M&A expert can quickly create competitive offers for your company to drive up the sale price.

“I already know who’s going to buy your company!” - Exitwise M&A Expert

Success Stories

Our clients’ business stories often begin with a building around a personal passion and they ultimately find success through uncommon levels of resiliency. Their stories are always educational and inspiring. Please enjoy their stories and learn about their experiences with Exitwise.

If you'd like to chat with one of our former clients, please schedule a call with us and we'll be happy to connect you.

The Collector

$70M Automotive Staffing Company

“Exitwise helped me hire one of the top M&A experts in the staffing industry, and sold my company for much more than what every local investment banker projected.”

Tech Disruptor

When Your Boss says "No". . . Quit and Build it Yourself!

“Exitwise brought in an investment banker who knew our buyers personally and leveraged those relationships to create a life changing exit for us.”

Serial Entrepreneur

eCommerce, Logistics, Marketplace

“Our Exitwise M&A expert modeled the value of our company to strategic buyers to justify a purchase price far above our industry multiples."

Select M&A Transactions

Exitwise has catalogued the most relevant M&A transactions that our industry specialized, M&A experts have completed. Feel free to search through our transaction catalogue, or better yet, Contact Us to request a list of the most relevant exits from your industry.


Recyclist provides cloud-based solutions that make solid waste program management and education easy.

Acquired by Routeware
Mod Interiors Logo.
Mod Interiors

Mod Interiors offers commercial architectural millwork design, engineering services, fabrication, and installation services.

Acquired by Big Shoulders Capital
Great Lakes Tile Products

Distributor of premium residential and commercial flooring trims and transitions.

Acquired by Monroe

Software development platform for clients to deploy managed software development teams.

The Dako Group

Leading technical staffing and payroll solutions provider to the automotive industry.

Acquired by Artech

Top online destination for consumers and businesses to find and book venues.

Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

Live video education platform for music teachers and students around the world.

Acquired by TakeLessons
DataFuzion HCM

Payroll software and integration solutions for companies with time-clock employees.

Acquired by Ceridian
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Discover the Value of Your Business with Our Valuation Calculator

Learning the value of your business in today's market will help us determine if it's the right time to sell and which M&A experts will be the best to help sell your company. Try the Exitwise valuation calculator today!